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viktor drone synth VST


Antique drone generator !

VVOC-1 vocal formant choir synth by WOK


Vocal formant generator for retro synthetic choir sounds!

PHYMO XS plucked string physical modeling synth plugin (VST Windows)  (C) WOK


Plucked string physical modeling synth - free !


ESTRIMA Easy String Machine

Get that famous, lush string sound of the Krautrock / TD aera !

Oberheim SEM VST Emulation SAM by WOK

UNCLE SAM enhanced Synth Module

The big brother of our SAM synthesizer gives you even more potential in realizing compositions with warm, vintage analog sound! 
Click on the pic for detailed information!

Bass Synth VST Plugin


A little toy for bass or leads sounds.

SAMse Synth Plugin by WOK

SAM SE Synth Plugin

SAMse is the smaller brother of SAM, a monophonic VST emulation of of the famous Oberheim™ SEM expander module. Click the image for details and audio-examples of our newest creation in virtual analog technology!

Oberheim SEM SAM WOK

SAM Synth Module

SAM is a faithful VST recreation of the Oberheim™ SEM expander module. Get the warm classic analogue sound and easy usage into your PC !

KICKWOrK bass drum plugin by WOK

KICKWOrK Bass Drum Synth

Get these warm and full sounding kick drum sounds in your songs. No samples - electronic circuit emulation gives you full control over a wide variation of sounds.

Dronos Drone Sound Generator Plugin

Dronos Drone Machine

Analog sounding background drone and bass sound generator without samples.

String Ensemble WOK Cromina

Cromina String Machine

That old string ensemble sound from the 60s/70s reproduced without samples! Have a listen - demo version available!

daBUMZ drum synthesizer plugin


The drumsynth with the little extra! Mainly for bassdrum or toms, it plays one sound at a time, but from a wide range of tones. No samples inside!

Sample Player VST

SampleTrigger & SamplePlaya

Two small plugins for triggering or playing a sample. Small, easy and free.

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