Superwave simulator effect plugin VST
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Your favourite synth(-plugin) does not have the sound of the famous Roland™ Supersaw™? This audio effect will fake it for you!
Place it behind you synth in the audio chain or route any other signal thru it. When feeded with a saw wave, the output will sound like a Superwave. But every other signal will also do it. Superfake is more than a chorus. It delivers six detuned voices, which can be spread in the stereo field. The amount of detuning can be adjusted for a wide range of applications.

Superfake is free! (just a message screen at startup, no limitations, adware, spyware or toolbars). Available for Windows as 32bit VST.

Test it, use it, and if you like it you can get the version without nagscreen
for just 6 Euro.

Listen to MP3 example
(dry saw, original Ssaw, dry saw thru plugin
and a long tone with stereo spread)


Download Superfake free
(limitation: nagscreen)


Get the version without nagscreen:
buy Superfake VST plugin

secure payment and direct download.



Roland and Supersaw are trademarks of Roland Corp.
VST is a trademark of Steinberg.

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