MIDI recorder / step sequencer

MIDI Recorder Pattern Sequencer Notenspeicher

Record a monophonic sequence step by step and play it back in various modes.
Just click and go, no fancy amounts of parameters. Switch to (R)ecord, play note by note on your keyboard (64 max), set to (P)lay, that’s it. Your sequence will play synced to the (H)ost in the choosen speed, or (S)tep by step when hitting the S button. With (K)ey play option, the sequence is only played back while a MIDI key is pressed. Always the the sequence is transposed by incoming MIDI notes.

NOTENSPEICHER is a VST plugin for Windows and any host, that supports standard 32bit VST plugins with MIDI in/out (64bit host via jbridge).


Available for Windows PC as VST-plugin
for a special no-brainer price of € 3 !



Download trial-version
(limitations: only 8 steps max.)

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Made with SE1.1 = no Multicore bug !


VST is a trademark of Steinberg.

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