Filterbank Effect
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Flexfilterbank2 is the follow-up of one of our first plugins, the Filterbank. Sound, controls and GUI was enhanced for this.

There are 8 filter bands, each with a volume and frequency knob. The overall bandwidth of the filters can be adjusted too. Feed it with noise, strings, drums or voice to get vocoder-like effects, enhance or damp frequencies or get special effects.
The emulation of electronic circuits also allows for overdrive the input or output section. 

Version v2.1 now with MIDI note control of the filters: “play” the plugin with MIDI notes, controlling the volume of the 8 filters!

Get Flexfilterbank2 now for free (VST-plugin for Windows PC, readme.txt included):

download free version
(limitations: 1 preset, nagscreen)

  listen to MP3-Demo
of the MIDI-control feature.

Get the version without nagscreen and more presets here:

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