Easy String Machine ESTRIMA
Vintage String Ensemble Emulation


Liking this lush pad sound of the 60s/70s ? ESTRIMA is the little sister of our Cromina string machine. It creates this famous, swirling sound with a minimum of hassle. Also there is a choir voicing on board to treat you ears with this old “Aaahh”-sound ;-)

Unlike our big Cromina, it does not have the full polyphonic octave divider simulation, but a simplified phase lock for the 20 voices to reduce CPU load.
There is a paraphonic envelope simulation too.

 Also on board is a 3x chorus and a deep phaser. The waveform-shape of strings and choir can be varied to achieve the sound of different vintage machines. Auto pitch-bend (for the choir) and vibrato complete this straightforward little toy.

Available for Windows PC as VST-plugin
for a special no-brainer price of € 7 !


MP3 democlip 1


Download trial-version
(limitations: some knobs missing)

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ESTRIMA VST plugin: 7 €
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ESTRIMA VST plugin: 7 €
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