CromFX Vintage Effects

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The effect section of Cromina String Machine as separate plugin with enhanced options.

Select from 4 different chorus types (modeled after vintage circuits), 3 phaser models and 2 delays!

CromFX is the perfect addon for our string machine, but can of course add brightness and warmth to any sound source. In the chorus section you will find the lush and warm chorus of Cromina plus 3 more variations, modeled after famous designs from Korg™ and Roland™.

For the phaser we have 3 different designs, the two delays (one is an analog tape style delay) support host sync.

 Listen to MP3-demo (dry/wet)


Jan 24. 2013
Update v1.1
- enhanced compatibility
- fixed bug with a strange tone from the phase in certain situations


CromFX is available for 13€ as a VST plugin for Windows:

After finishing the checkout at Paypal click on “return to merchant” to get to the download page.
In case this does not work please contact us right away. 


Made with SE1.1 = no Multicore bug !

All names are the proprietary of their respective owners. We are not associated to Korg or Roland.

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