The smaller brother of Blip2000, optimized for touchscreens:


Blip 1000 Button Sequencer Plugin by WOK
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Got a Windows touchscreen computer and miss these cool apps like on the iPad™ ?
Now you can generate MIDI sequences with a touch of your finger. Also great for controllers like Novations launchpad (together with Automap).

Blip1000 is a MIDI sequencer VST plugin. It plays mono- or polyphonic sequences depending on the selected notes and the enabled trigger buttons.
Host sync with different speeds, swing, several play direction modes and MIDI controller learn - try it for free and start making music now!


  • clear and easy interface
  • number of steps selectable (up to 8)
  • note per line selectable from 3 octaves with display
  • several play modes (forward-backward, random etc.)
  • syncs to host - clock divider adjustable
  • sequence transpose by MIDI input
  • MIDI ouput channel selectable
  • automatable in the DAW
  • sequences can be saved as VST plugin presets
  • random play
  • MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source
  • low on CPU
  • free ! (only limitation is a nagscreen)

Available for Windows PC as VST-plugin. You’ll need a standard host program that sends correct VST sync information.


Download the free plugin now. No installer, no copy protection, just place the .dll file from the zip-archive into the plugins folder of your favourite DAW.

download plugin
(only limitation: nagscreen on startup)

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 donate something to get the version without nagscreen
After a donation of 7US$, you can download an unlimited version and may obtain later, enhanced versions of this plugin for half price!


Why to donate if it’s free?

- the startup nagscreen will disappear
- by giving a little money you show your appreciation for the work of the developer
- getting positive reactions gives us the motive to develop more plugins for you
- help the developer to pay his bills
- get the good feeling to not take only but give something back


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