The Backpack

Backpack VST audio effect plugins by WOK

All of WOK’s fx plugins for reverse audio effects in one pack!


  1. Instaback is an instant audio reverse sound effect faker. Great for live use, it simulates the effect of a backwards played audio track on the fly.
  2. Backplayer is the true brother of Instaback; it really reverses audio that is fed into it by the press of a button - up to 2 bars (8/4 beats).
  3. Refo-D, the reverse-forward delay. A delay/echo effect that can be switched to produce fw-rev alternating echos. Host synced.
  4. And as an extra: Tapebrake. Does not reverse the audio, but simulates the spindown of a tape or disc player.


Available for Windows as 32bit VST. For testing compatibility with your system first, a demo of REFO-D is available.

Just 5 Euro for all four plugins !

Please read our tech faq before purchase!


Download REFO-D demo version
(limitation: audio dropouts)


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